The Experience

How a photo session works from start to finish

Our process from concept to delivery...

Let's Chat!

Pre-Session Planning Call

I'd love to hear about your pet's personality and what you're dreaming up for your artwork. We'll work together to create a personalized photo session idea and choose the best props and style for your shoot. We'll book your session date and you'll be asked to pay the $385 sitting fee to reserve your spot.

Let's Shoot!

Day of Session

We'll start with plenty of time to allow your pet to warm up to us (or calm down)! Then we'll gently guide them into the various spots that we'd like to photograph them in. We have cat and dog treats we can use to encourage the behaivour we want, but feel free to bring along your pets favourite treats or toys as well. We'll shoot 3 types of photos: The personalized creative shot (which we planned out in our phone call), classic portraits of your pet, and a few special moments of you with your pet.

Let's Meet!

Viewing & Ordering Appointment

This is the most exciting part! You get to see your photos! About 1 week after your session, we will meet up again at the studio (or via Zoom if you don't live locally) . You'll see the best photos from your session and we'll help you choose the best artwork options for you. If your pet photo is going in The Storybook Project, we'll choose which photo to include. Because you will be placing your order at this appointment, please bring everyone necessary to discuss your selections.

Time to Create Magic!

Behind the Scenes

Studio909 portraits are much more than just a photograph. Each image is digitally hand-painted and transformed into a one-of-a-kind art piece; a process that often takes 8 or more hours for a single image. We will craft your chosen images into beautiful artwork, and have it printed at the finest archival printers we could find. Every single order is unique.

The Big Reveal!

Collect Your Artwork

It is our absolute pleasure to present finished artwork, and we are happy to deliver to local clients! Enjoy for years to come!

We don't usually share unedited photos... but...

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To truly see the scope of what goes into your artwork, we wanted to share a before and after of one of our recent images.  

The final piece is artfully combined using the main image of the cat and the image of the pet rat (taken at another time). The choice of colors, background wallpaper is all carefully considered and composed.

Stock images are never used – all images and pieces of your artwork is unique and one-of-a-kind made by us, especially for you!

Session/Sitting fee: $385

This includes our time for planning your session and sourcing props, arranging the studio with your set, actual studio time (up to 90 minute session), and time to edit & create your finished artwork after the shoot.

The sitting fee includes digital images, but does not include any printed artwork.

Only buy what you absolutely love!


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Products & Pricing

There's nothing quite like the bond between a person and their pet...

The bond between a person and their pet is a special and unique connection that can bring immense joy and comfort.

You look forward to the moment when you return home and are greeted by your beloved pet.

Whenever you see them, you can’t help but think about how incredibly adorable they are.

Not everyone will understand this, and that’s okay.

We do.

We want to honor this connection and help document the precious times your share together, and showcase your pet’s wonderful and unique personality through creative artwork!


Absolutely! The majority of the pets I photograph are beloved companions who have basic housetraining. While they might not be obedience champions, that’s perfectly okay with me.

We enjoy capturing your pet’s unique personality, and that often means working with their energetic spirit and spontaneous movements.

In fact, keeping your pet on a leash can make it simpler to get them to stay in one place long enough for a great photo.

We’ve met a lot of shy cats, and can say with a fair amount of certainty that even very shy cats do just fine at our studio after some warming up time. Since we have a lot of large gear set up here, it’s easiest for us if you come to the studio, however if it just doesn’t work out for your kitty we are happy to come to you as a back-up plan. Please note, there will be an additional $50 on location fee for us to bring a mobile studio set up.

Yes! We encourage you to get in a few shots with your pet. You can check out our portfolio gallery for inspiration on how pets and people can be photographed together.

Please note that we are primarily pet photographers. Our sessions focus on capturing the relationship between pets and their humans, rather than being family portraits that happen to feature a dog or cat.

We recommend grooming your dog a few days to a week ahead of time.

Since the eyes can reveal a lot about a pet’s personality, ensure there’s no fur clumping around the eyes, unless it’s typical for your dog’s breed.

If your dog has white fur and noticeable tear or beard stains, consider using a safe product to reduce the brown or red discoloration under their eyes.

Sessions usually last around 60 to 90 minutes, which covers equipment setup and removal, giving your pet time to acclimate to my presence, and the actual photo shoot.

However, there’s no need to rush. We’re happy to take the time we need to capture the best photos, and we’ll be there with our cameras.

Generally, dogs will indicate when they’ve had enough and are ready for a rest. They may become tired, so they’ll probably want to nap, and you might too

We strongly believe in producing a tangible piece of art that will last for years, however, we recognize that our clients want digital images to share online. Therefore, we do provide complimentary watermarked, web-sized digital files with every image you purchase as a print. These shareable files will be provided to you once your images are fully edited and the order has been completed. The files are perfect for all types of social media sharing from email to phones – we love when our clients share their portraits, and tag us too!

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