We sell an exclusive, handpicked selection of products, bringing you Italian craftsmanship blended with state-of-the-art printing, fashionable materials and classic, timeless finishings. Every single order is unique and handcrafted.

Framed Metal Prints

Deep, rich metallic finishes stand the time and resist scratches like nothing else

The sleek surface represents an incredible substrate where colors are infused by sublimation, creating a vibrant, dramatic result. Encapsulated in the aluminum plate, this printing technology produces the most durable, anti-scratch, water-proof solution for home decór.

Being infused into the substrate, dyes become extremely durable, robust and anti-scratch. Water, grease, dust or even sharp objects are simply not an issue.

Metal prints start at $276 – $500 and up


The perfect solution to keeping a full set of your images without needing a lot of wall space.

Your images will be printed with HD printing & fine art paper, a revolutionary technology which puts an end to the silver halide chemical age. Your prints will stand out and have artistic charm with our specialty mats.  With a transparent lid, you’ll be able to switch out the top photo as often as you wish to display a different image in your box. 

The HD printing produces extraordinary detail throughout an image, deep blacks, detailed shadows and vibrant colors.

The longevity of these prints is certified at 300 years by the JEITA institute.

Unlike traditional silver halide printing, this printing method is water based and doesn’t produce hazardous chemicals.

Tailor-made memory boxes (with your choice of color & material on the box) and 10 matted prints start at $550 – $700+


A classic at its best. Through print quality and mounting precision, our Canvas Wrap gets the best out of technology without sacrificing clean design.

Latex® inks and eco-friendly quality. These water based inks offer aesthetic results identical to those of the most well-known solvent products but without the severe impact on the environment.

Canvas prints can come framed or unframed, and are always protected with UV coating for longer lasting colors.

Framed canvas start at $285 – $495 and up


These Fine Art Matted Prints are a unique work of art, classy and elegant. The HD Fine Art archival print is matted with a handmade cotton Amalfi Paper mat.  The vintage deckled edges drop a subtle shadow to create a 3D effect to highlight the picture frame. 

The deckled edges of the Amalfi paper are made through traditional procedures. This is an ancient art, back from hundred years ago. Every paper sheet turns into a unique frame on the Amalfi Panel, to elegantly enhance your portraits.

These gorgeous prints come ready to hang and are also 100% archival, museum/gallery quality.

Matted prints start at $160 – $500 and up


Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount.  (Please note, our sitting fee is $185 and does not include printed artwork.)


Sitting Fee - $185


  • Phone consultation to plan a beautifully tailored session for you and your pet  
  • 60 minute session at our studio (flexible longer or shorter as needed!) 
  • Creative editing of your images to match our signature style  
* Images are not included with your sitting fee. Only purchase what you love! 


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