The Storybook Project

A fundraiser to help those in need.

The Pet Storybook Project features the work of award-winning photographers Naomi Maya and Elizabeth MacKay. 

Featuring your beloved animals!

Studio 909 created The Pet Storybook Project as a way to showcase their commissioned artwork created for clients, since such a great deal of time goes into each photoshoot.  To spread the joy of these animals to more than just their owners, this book features the creative images and stories behind their personalities.

It includes dozens of adorable pets, and is a beautiful, colorful printed book to read to your children and grandchildren.

The book will be sold in bookstores across Canada and available on Amazon.

Would you like your pet to appear in the next book? Limited spaces remaining for 2023 – contact us below!

Giving back

To give back, a percentage of all proceeds of the book will be donated to our two favourite charities: The SPCA and The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, where Elizabeth is an active member.

Since everyone knows the SPCA, we’ll just briefly talk about the other charity here! This campaign was launched in 2006, as an initiative of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, in response to the emerging crisis faced by grandmothers in Africa. They partner with community-led organizations in Africa where grandmothers care for their grandchildren orphaned by the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

It is estimated that there are currently 15 million orphaned children in Africa being raised by their grandmothers.

Learn more on their website here The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign

To avoid confusion, please note that Studio 909 is a commercial endeavor.  We are raising funds through book sales and 25% of all profits will be donated, but the photo sessions themselves are part of Studio 909’s business to document the lives of our beloved pets.


Meet a couple of the animals featured in the book... Mila Pila & Marigold!


The book features the clients of Studio 909, therefore you’d have to have a photo session with us in order to be included. There is a $185 sitting fee and then you purchase any artwork you’d like to have. (See the products page for options)

Only purchased artwork is eligible to be in the book.

For a very limited time we are offering inclusion in the book for no additional costs besides those mentioned above.

Yes, we’d love to have you! If you are a member of the Grandmothers for Africa group, you just pay the sitting fee of $185 and that includes your session, and inclusion in the book. You will have the option to purchase wall art after your session. 

We encourage you to share details about your pet’s character, funny things they like to do, or anything else you think might be interesting. We have an author working with us who will write the stories so they are all in the same voice.

About a week after your session you will be invited back to the studio to view the images. At that time you will get a chance to talk about which image will appear in the book and you will also have the opportunity to order a copy of the book or buy wall art to hang in your home.

Depending on the story we are creating, we will likely need various props. These may be things you already own (in the case of the story being created around a certain element in your pet’s life) or they may be things we have in our studio. If we need something that we don’t have, we will find it! 

Sessions usually last around 60 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. This accounts for giving your pet time to acclimate to my presence, and the actual photo shoot. 

However, there’s no need to rush. We’re happy to take the time we need to capture the best photos, and we’ll be there with our cameras.

Yes! Please fill out the application form and we’re happy to consider other animals.

We only feature images which have been purchased by our clients after their photo session. This is because of the tremendous amount of editing we do on each final work of art. Any photos not purchased from a session, simply do not have this level of editing and would not be suitable for inclusion in the book.

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